TASAN provides Specialist Anaesthetist services in the Hobart area

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Anaesthetic Billing & Secretarial Services

Anaesthetic Billing

Your anaesthetic bill is separate from your proceduralist’s/surgeon’s or hospital bill. Patients with private health insurance will have a percentage of their bill covered by medicare and their health fund. If your anaesthetist charges you a No Gap then you will have no out of pocket expenses. A Known Gap anaesthetic bill is often charged where you will be required to pay an “out of pocket” fee not covered by your funds. The amount charged is estimated given the predicted time and complexity of your anaesthetic as well as your health fund. You should be given written financial consent prior to your procedure from the rooms if you are having an elective procedure.

If you want to understand why a gap may be charged click here.

You can pay your bill either in person at TASAN (see Contact Us) or over the phone (03 62 316300). Our secretaries can explain the billing process further with you if required.

Secretarial Services

We have three secretaries, Jane, Kym and Barbara. They will be able to answer most of the straight forward questions regarding your anaesthetic or refer you to your anaesthetist. We utilise specific anaesthetic billing and management software to aid in processing your accounts and scheduling anaesthetic reviews when required. They have have extended experience in medical administration as well as nursing and fully understand the requirements for medical confidentiality